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My boss is the bat guano-est

So, Monday afternoon my boss calls over to me. “Did you respond to the email from Al?” Her tone is ominous, which is bizarre because like, hey—-Al? He’s just a sales dude, trying to sell me some printing, and not doing a very good job. Also, why does she know about an email that Al has sent me that I haven’t even gotten yet?

I immediately apple-K to get this important email, which says something like “Did you get my email this morning?” and I had not, but it was below, and what is said was something like “did I get the job?”

So, like wtf, Al? Why are you ccing my boss on an email like this? Because I didn’t respond to you right away? That’s weird because I had to ask you THREE TIMES for printed samples of work you’d done, and I also had to explain to you what a cover template was.

Let me give you the back story on this: I have this book I’m bidding out, and part way through the bidding process my boss said, “Hey, why don’t you try Al?” Sure I said, but I don’t know Al. Send me his deets. And she does, and I send Al the specs, and 3 days later I hear that he’s working on it, and 3 days or so after that I get a price, and it’s good! It’s better than anyone else’s, in fact. So I request a dummy and printed samples, and the dummy comes, and meanwhile I get another price from someone else, just as good. OK! So now I have a choice. I get a dummy from the other peeps, and the paper is cream, which I don’t want. I call them and say what the what and their sales dude says huh, that’s not right, and we discover that this is a bulking dummy made with the wrong paper, but he assures me that the stock is white white and he’ll send me a sample.

Meanwhile, I’ve told Al it’s between him and another printer. NORMALLY at this point Al should say, “hey, what can I do to make this mine?” but no. Silencio.

Meanwhile again I go to my boss and say what to do, do you have any opinion on this? Because I’ll give it to Al if you don’t. And she says NO GO WITH THE OTHER PEOPLE THEY WILL DO A BETTER JOB. They’re like 1 cent more. Very insignificant dif. But meanwhile, I’m still waiting for samples from Al, and the paper sample from the other people before I can really make a decision.

So I get the paper sample Monday, and it’s decided-—it goes to the other printer. The printing samples Al sent me were very inappropriate for the job—none on the paper I’ll be using, and all illos, when I’m doing photos.

Then I get the email, and the ominous question from the boss.

OBVIOUSLY Al’s trying to start trouble. And he has! So I’m really mad, but I just say to him, because it’s 5:10, the job has gone to another printer.

He emails me and ccs my boss AGAIN asking why.

Then SHE emails me and says something like “It’s helpful if you can give him some explanation.” Actually, that’s a quote.

So in the AM when I see this, I get mad. Because clearly she’s telling me how to write emails. Which she’s done before and is very annoying because her emails are terrible. There are a lot of CAPS for NO REASON. They’re very mommy.

We have it out-—I start by saying that Al had no right to cc her and not expect me to get mad about it and she said he ccs her all the time, but he doesn’t. We haven’t done a job with Al since 2004, so I don’t know how she would remember such a thing, she can't remember last week, and I wasn’t here then anyway. And then I say that he didn’t even give me an opportunity to respond, and anyway, he was more than a big fat slacker during this whole process and she goes, and I quote, “whatEVER.” Several times. Like this is 2000 and she’s 15.

Then she told me that I didn’t know how to write a professional email and she would tell me how to do it. OK whatever girl! I told her no, I could handle that part. Then of course, she says I need to tell him why we’re not working with him and I say you don’t want me to do that and she goes why and I go, “We’re not working with him because YOU said Printer B would do a better job.” And then she starts screaming about hardcover versions of this book, and that's why she didn't want to give it Al, and at that point I realize that SHE HAS LOST HER MIND. There is no hardcover version of this book.

And you know what? This book is stupid anyway.
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