dorothy_parka (dorothy_parka) wrote,

My boss is humorless

I sent out an email to a few people about the relative pluses and minuses of doing some very slight changes to a book to save some money. The savings were pretty small--about $850 spread over three titles. What I said in the email is, "It's not that much, but I'd pick it up off the floor."

I didn't think that warranted any sort of explanation.

my boss emails back, "I'm not quite following what this means, "I'd pick it up off the floor."

WHAT WHAT? I mean, heh, it's not "working on my night cheese" funny, but does it really need an explanation?

I realized yesterday that my boss does not ever make jokes, or laugh at my jokes, and I am HILARIOUS. OK, maybe no, but still, I expect to get a chuckle every so. She's not dour, but she doesn't seem to understand humor. So, I'm not surprised she didn't get it, but to call it out in a group email? Creepy.

Also, we had sales conference today, which meant CORPORATE MINI MUFFINS. I am a fan. But I only had one--that was silly of me. I don't get corporate mini muffins enough.
Tags: mini muffins, work

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