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There are no spreads on this dick

The kids today, they show no initiative. Back in my day, if we didn’t know how to do something we were supposed to know how to do, we figured out how to do it ourselves. Here, at Ferret Limited International Publishing, what the kids like to do is pass their work on to me. I’ll get a forward from an editorial assistant that will say… NOTHING. Just a forward and the forwarded email will say something like “I need this file from you.” They send it over to me as if they are the bosses and I am their secretary, and they have no time to even explain what the hell this is about. At which point I have to go over to them and say, “Here, let me take you on a tour of the office. Here are the files! They’re in alphabetical order!”

I’ve had to show college graduates how to:
Add events to the Outlook calendar
Use an FTP program
Burn CDs
Sign for a package

I can understand how a 22 year old might not know how to fax something. But how does a person get through their life not knowing how to burn a CD?

Today’s annoying forwarded email had an explanation, probably because I got uber sarcastic on this person’s ass last time.

>> There aren't PDFs on the Leo dicks, any idea if I can find spreads anywhere else for Joe?
>> Thanks.

The “dicks” had application files, only when this particular person looks at a DVD and doesn’t see something that says .pdf, her brain breaks.

This particular person also ignores messengers when she’s passing by the un-manned front door. I think it’s more of a sense of entitlement than an actual inability to figure things out. It's too bad that no one here really cares what anyone does, except me. Not meaning that I care what they do, meaning that everyone cares what I do for some reason. It might be skin tone.
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