dorothy_parka (dorothy_parka) wrote,

Again with the insanity

Yesterday I got yelled out for my handwriting not being clear enough.

Now, the funny thing about this is this: our handwriting is SO SIMILAR that everyone in the office gets our notes confused. I know my handwriting is not great, but I do my best to make it legible.

I also got yelled at for using a grease pencil to make crop marks on a proof. It was "too thick." There isn't anything else that writes on proofs, except sharpies, and since the proof was mostly black a sharpie wasn't gonna cut it.

Today I got reprimanded for not consulting with an editor before marking color. How do I know what the editor wants? She was indignant. I know what the editor wants--anything. She does not give a shit. I got yelled at for not looking at the lasers more closely. The lasers tell me nothing--how closely should I look at them? She couldn't yell at me for not looking at the files, because she's told me before I don't need to do that and that's why I don't have the proper software. Then she told me that we were a "team" and that I should show her everything (I do, because she insists on it) and if I have questions I should ask.

I told her I don't have any questions, BECAUSE I'VE BEEN DOING THIS JOB FOR 25 YEARS AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ANYONE HAS BEEN UNHAPPY WITH MY WORK. Then she claimed that maybe I didn't know about color. I reminded her that I spent two years as a scanner and color correction operator for a national magazine. Then she claimed that that experience didn't translate to marking up color for overseas vendors, and I responded with my years of experience at Art Direction Books, Raven Press, and Watson-Guptill. Then she got mad because she thought I was expecting her to remember my illustrious resume, which I was not. I was just defending myself. AND THEN and then and then. She claimed I must need help because I keep asking her to look at things, but I only do that because she insists.

She's just insane. There's no question about it.

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