February 8th, 2010


I'm a single lady

Being female, in your 40s, and single sucks.

I posted some personal ads on some online sites, and the responses I'm getting are terrible. On Chemistry, all of the men except ONE were conservative, "nonpartisan," or "other." I think we all know that nonpartisan and other means libertarian or tea party. Why would these guys even message me, unless they're just emailing every woman available in their area? And of course the liberal lived 400 miles away. Geek2Geek requires that you pay $$ to email people who don't email you first, so no one emails anyone.

Also, I know you guys claim that women always lie on their ads, but so far every man I've met has lied. Sometimes about weight (being obese does not make you "average"), but mostly about height. If a guy is 5'8", no way should I be taller than he is. I'm only 5'4"!

One guy who emailed me on OKC asked if he could borrow some books from me. NOT EVEN BOOKS I EVER SAID I HAD! He was just like "o hai, i want to read these books, can i borrow them from you?" Uh, no. That's what the library is for. He also only wanted to go to free things. He couldn't even afford a cup of coffee for himself!

At this age, men have so many more options, unless he's a dead ringer for Super Mario. A good looking smart guy my age can date someone like me, but why would he when he can date a 25 year old? or a 37 year old? Whereas his female equiv should settle for an aging Ron Jeremy look-alike.

I know I'm like totes super awesome and stuff, but these short fat mustachio'd conservative guys don't know that.