February 9th, 2010


And another thing

Another annoying problem w/r/t dating at my age--a lot of the guys who email me look like my dad. It's a combo of my father looking quite a bit younger than 67, and guys in their 50s looking older, and all having facial hair. I can't date my dad. I can't even date someone who looks my dad's age. How could I bring that person home to meet my parents? I mean, unless it was, I dunno, Locke from LOST. Someone famous.

I keep thinking that I can get a traditionally less desirable younger guy to date, like someone chubby or who doesn't want kids, or who still reads comix, or who mounts bugs at the American Museum of Natural History, but that hasn't worked yet. Really, I want to date Horatio Sanz or Jorge Garcia, because I think it would be awesomely funny to date a famous Chilean, and I think they're kinda cute because they look like me. Altho I know when Sanz gets older he's gonna look _exactly_ like my dad, and that will freak me out.