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as some may know (some=me and mdhornbuckle), we play a game in the house regarding guessing the final jeopardy question before the answer is revealed, based upon the category. For example, the category might be "Comic books and movies" and when they go to commercial break I might yell out "WHO IS TOM WAITS" and then we'd get back from the commercial and see the question is "who played Dr. Heller in the film adaptation of The Mystery Men comic?"

we also sometimes play another game--what will the story be? in this game, we guess what insipid story will be discussed with Alex during the interview portion. for example, i might yell out "PROPOSED TO HIS WIFE THROUGH A BULLHORN WHILE RIDING A ZAMBONI." or 'PROPOSED TO HIS WIFE ON THE CNN TICKER.' My default is "Has a very special serving platter."

new dude, manages a cawfee hut, is about to tell the typical "how i met my wife" story. i was alittle disappointed because i had some hopes for this hipster doofus. but then Alex starts "You met your wife because of a tattoo?" and i yell out "MUTED POST HORN" and he starts "I had just recent read the Thomas Pynchon book "The Crying of Lot 49"..." and I yell out "I TOTALLY CALLED THAT!!!" I won. Sadly, he did not say the words "muted post horn" or "trystero," but still. FYI, it was the LADY who had the tattoo

Later, final jeop question was "Modern Languages." Of course, David picks esperanto. I pick ASL to be different. he won. but still... MUTED POST HORN.
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