dorothy_parka (dorothy_parka) wrote,

Max, Giant Schnauzer

Max hated all people of Eastern European descent, except my mother. Eddie couldn't go near him, nor could Eddie's brother. Max loved my mother, which was a good thing since she was the only one who could walk him when he stay at the kennel. He could have killed her if he wanted--he was, after all, that abomination of nature known as a giant schnauzer. I thought maybe I could pass, being that my bloodlines are so mixed and he did like my ma, but no, Max lunged at me and ruined my favorite pair of pants.

Eventually Max went crazy. He got out of the house when his people were at work, and he had people trapped in their cars as they came home from work. The police were called, and Max was taken away. He left dents in a few of the cars.
Tags: 100 words, dogs, eastern european, giant schnauzer, kennel, max

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