dorothy_parka (dorothy_parka) wrote,

Patsy, my cousin's dog

Patsy was a beige chihuahua mix that technically belonged to my 10 year old cousin Michele. I don't know who thought Michele could take care of a chihuahua. Patsy was always trembling (in fear, it seemed) and peeing on the rug. My uncle hated that dog. He wanted the kids to have a dog, but he wanted the kids to have the dog he wanted--a big Siberian Husky. Patsy was the polar opposite of a Husky, and I think she could sense my uncle's ire.

At some point when Michele was out of the house for an extended period, Patsy went away. She wrote me a letter (we'd send letters between Jackson NJ and Staten Island) and told me that Patsy was given away to a couple. "A couple of what?" I responded.
Tags: 100 words, chihuahua, cousins, dogs, jackson, michele, new jersey, patsy

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