dorothy_parka (dorothy_parka) wrote,

Meatloaf, Staten Island

Meat Loaf was one of Doc's many bulldogs. We usually referred to her a "Miss Loaf" because the dainty sobriquet seemed to befit the massive drooling beast. Partially because she was on prednisone, and partially because she was a bulldog, Miss Loaf would eat anything, even the non-edible things, and so had to be carefully monitored when she hung out at the hospital. Loaf had an incredibly strong jaw and enjoyed clamping down on a hank of cloth or rope and being hoisted up and swung around. Only the very strong could do this--Loaf was around 65 pounds. I always felt a kinship with Miss Loaf--she and I were on the same medications.
Tags: 100 words, bulldog, doc, dogs, meat loaf, staten island

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