dorothy_parka (dorothy_parka) wrote,

100 words: Sarah, Editorial Assistant

Sarah and I worked at the same publishing company--she was an editorial asst. Sarah was a tall, pale, lithe girl with a swanlike neck and a stylish bob. And, it turned out, a deep love of The Smiths and Morrissey. I began to call her Saz in honor of Morrissey's British press nickname, Moz. We could spend hours making up shit about Morrissey and doing Morrissey impressions, but we tried to keep it to lunch time only. Sarah was also a big Blur fan. I thought she was wrong about that but it turned out she was right. Walter Koenig, Checkov of Star Trek, once told her she had lovely skin.
Tags: 100 words, 90s, publishing, sarah

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