dorothy_parka (dorothy_parka) wrote,

100 words: Wendy, Sales Rep, late 80s

Wendy was a voluptuous 5'11" redhead with a throaty voice and a loud laugh. She wore a thumb ring and Victoria's Secret lingerie under her suits. We used to joke that we should dress as Mary Ann and Ginger for halloween, but we were never invited to the same parties. We worked together at a small trade magazine firm that published the leading industry magazines in both convenience stores and petroleum marketing. We knew we were much better than that. One day she went out and got a fake rose tattoo for her left breast. She was meeting an old boyfriend for drinks and she wanted to freak him out. This was back in the day when tattooing was illegal in New York City.
Tags: 100 words, 80s, publishing, wendy

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