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Frankie as dragon

Sister, age 7, West Brighton Projects

Sister was 2 years older than me and Brenda, but she played with us. The kids her own age wouldn't play with her. She was what we used to call slow. She wasn't even in kindergaretn yet. She was tall and very dark and was always doing things like crossing the busy street when she wasn't supposed to, and going up to the roof. I don't remember ever meeting her parents, but we were friends with her little brother too. Sister was the girl Brenda told me not to play with, on account of Sister being "too dark."
Frankie as dragon

Brenda, when we were 5

Brenda was my best friend in the West Brighton projects. Her father had a good job as a mailman and so they had two TVs, and one was color. No one in the projects had a color TV back then. I was surprised to find out some Popeye cartoons were black and white.

Brenda always had the nicest clothes. She had this one pair of pants that I coveted, that I'd seen the girls on Soul Train wear--bell bottoms with ruffles on the bottom. Brenda was the coolest person I knew, but I still didn't listen to her when she told me not to play with Sister because Sister was too dark.