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My Most Favorite Daylight Savings Memory

When I was in high school, one DLS start sunday Barbara, Abby and I got really high, and then we all went home, and I was watching 60 Minutes and the sun was still out and Barbara and Abby rang the doorbell demanding food like they were starving waifs and we ate PB and J and ice cream on the stoop, even though it was pretty cold out. But it was still sunny. At least there was that.
Frankie as dragon

100 words, Jenny, High school

Jenny's father had decreed that Jenny was not allowed to cut her hair until she turned sixteen, so that waist-length, wheat-colored hair got rubberbanded during basketball, stuffed in a cap for swimming, and in first period economics it was always still wet. Most girls in high school were looking forward to lavish sweet sixteen parties, but Jenny was counting the days until she could cut off all that hair. But the day after Jenny's birthday, her hair was the same length! We said nothing. Maybe she changed her mind!

But the following Monday she showed up with a stylish bob.

Jackie, High School

It would take Jackie three hours to get ready for school each morning. She tried to explain to her guidance counselor, hoping to get a schedule that started with 3rd period, but no one cared. She had to drop out. Before she dropped out, we'd all meet before 3rd period between classes and smoke and wonder where Jackie was, and then we'd go down to her house during 4th. She'd be sitting in the tub smoking a cigarette, reading a romance novel. The water would be tepid. She'd been in the tub since nine.

Jackie looked just like Cherie from the Runaways.