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sweet sweet irony

This is irony, right? my 6-word story for smith's travel nightmares theme won.
That's not the irony.

The irony is that the judge is an author whose work I'm not particularly fond of, and the prize is a collection of her books.

Also, hipsterbookclub.com is up.

did some fake book covers!

I wrote about fan fic!

I liked The Invention of Air!

They didn't treat cats very well in the olden days :(

The 6 word memoir: Canadian police thought tic-tacs were drugs.

Hipsters etc

Frankie as dragon

Hipster book club! 09 ed!

I LOVED The Book From The Sky. I really really loved it.

I thought Rancho Weirdo was pretty good too.

Did I never read The Stone Diaries before because it was written by a woman? Probably.

There was things I liked about Rock Bottom, but mostly I thought it was good for its subject matter (failing rock band) and I liked its adherence to the ideals of Greek theater of unity of time and place, and man's fall due to hubris.

Also, a bunch of pretty people came up with top 5 lists.
Frankie as dragon

New Hipster book club!

is here

I review abortion and life, How Fiction Works (that really is me and not Brian Hurley), and I have a column about political memoirs. I hate them!

I'm very conflicted about the Abortion and Life review. I liked the book, I didn't love it, but I thought it did a good job of showing where some of the problems are for both the pro-choice and pro-life camps. I hope I didn't come off as not pro-choice because I am pro-choice. It's a hard wire to walk in a book review. I'm trying to be fair, people! It's hard for pro-choice women to even discuss emotional issues that surround the choice to have an abortion because some people may say that feeling ANYTHING means it must be wrong. Life is full of hard choices, though, and these days more for women than for men.

How Fiction Works is friggin' awesome. Absolutely amazing. Goddam, that guy is smart.